More high-speed rail funding for 13 states

The Department of Transportation redirects high-speed rail funding rejected by Wisconsin and Ohio state leaders to projects elsewhere.
Written by Melissa Mahony, Contributor

When a handful of state policymakers said last month they didn't want their share of the Recovery Act's $10 billion for high-speed rail, California senators offered to take the money for their own 800-mile system. (See: Where should rejected high speed rail funds go?)

Today, the Golden State got what it asked for.

A dozen other states received more federal rail funding, too. The Department of Transportation announced they will divvy up the almost $1.2 billion slated for Wisconsin's Milwaukee-Madison corridor and Ohio's "3C" line between Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland as follows:

  • California: up to $624 million
  • Florida: up to $342.3 million
  • Washington State: up to $161.5 million
  • Illinois: up to $42.3 million
  • New York: up to $7.3 million
  • Maine: up to $3.3 million
  • Massachusetts: up to $2.8 million
  • Vermont: up to $2.7 million
  • Missouri up to $2.2 million
  • Wisconsin: up to $2 million for the Hiawatha line
  • Oregon: up to $1.6 million
  • North Carolina: up to $1.5 million
  • Iowa: up to $309,080
  • Indiana: up to $364,980

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