Moto X hits the million mark in China

Motorola is hitting the ground running in China as the Moto X has garnered a million reservations in just a few days.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor
(Image: Motorola)
Motorola recently announced its return to China and it is already showing signs of a triumphant return. Only days after announcing the intent to sell new Moto phones in the country, excitement over the Moto X is everything the company could want.

Motorola gave a shout out on Weibo in China that the Moto X smartphone has already received a million reservations. Preorders are handled differently in China as prospective customers do not put any money down at the time of the reservation. This might mean fewer will actually buy a Moto X when it comes time to put money down for a purchase.

Even so, there's no denying that having over a million sign up for a Moto X in just a few days is quite an achievement. The Moto X went up for preorder on January 27.

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Motorola is now part of Lenovo and is independently operated. It is a trusted brand in China given a history of doing business in the country, which the activity around the Moto X indicates.

The Moto X is a 5.2-inch Android smartphone that is a high-end device that will get updated to Lollipop. It features a number of phone backs of different colors and textures that can be selected to personalize the handset.

It is a refreshed model of a handset (see ZDNet review) that is sold outside of China. Motorola will also sell the Moto X Pro and the Moto G in China.

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