Mozilla names Gary Kovacs as chief exec

The company behind Firefox has appointed former SAP, Adobe and Macromedia exec Gary Kovacs as its new chief executive
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Mozilla has announced Gary Kovacs as its new chief executive officer, a move that highlights how important mobile and user interfaces will be to the future of Firefox.

Gary Kovacs image

Gary Kovacs has joined Mozilla as chief executive. Photo credit: Mozilla/ZDNet.com

In a blog post announcing the appointment on Thursday, outgoing chief exec John Lilly officially handed over to Kovacs. Prior to joining Mozilla, Kovacs was senior vice president of markets, solutions and products at Sybase, now part of SAP. He was also vice president of mobile and devices at Adobe and vice president of product marketing at Macromedia.

"[Kovacs has] got deep background in the battlefields that will define the future of the open web — mobile and rich media, and he's been involved in building great organisations several times over," Lilly said in his post.

Lilly's departure from the top job at the browser maker was announced by company chairman Mitchell Baker in May. Lilly will stay in place until Kovacs officially takes over on 8 November, and he is expected to keep his spot on Mozilla's board of directors after that.

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