Mozilla rolls out Firefox for Windows 10 with browser-choice cues

Mozilla's Firefox 40 for Windows 10 includes built-in browser-choice mechanisms meant to unseat Microsoft's Edge and Bing search engine defaults.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor

After complaining that Microsoft has made choosing a browser other than its own Edge too difficult with Windows 10, Firefox officials have taken browser-choice into their own hands.

Firefox 40 for Windows 10, made generally available on August 11, includes new "support materials to show you how to restore or choose Firefox as your default browser in Windows 10."

The new Firefox for Windows 10 goes further. When Windows 10 users look to the Cortana search box built into the task bar, web searches done from that search box will "show results in the default search engine you choose in Firefox," rather than defaulting to Bing, Firefox officials said.

The Firefox for Windows 10 browser supports third-party add-ons -- unlike Microsoft's Edge at this point, though add-on support is coming, Microsoft officials have said. Mozilla is distinguishing between Mozilla-certified add-ons and non-certified ones. Non-Mozilla-certified add-ons currently include warnings, and in the future, will be disabled by default.

The new Firefox also includes user interface tweaks, including bigger and bolder design elements.

Firefox 40 for Windows 10 is available for download from Mozilla's web site.

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