Need a case for your iPad? Use the iPad Case Finder

There are plenty of ways to search for an iPad case, but iPadCaseFinder.com makes it a very streamlined process.
Written by Joel Evans, Contributor

Sometimes some of the simplest ideas are the best. In this case (pun intended), we have iPad Case Finder. The site shows off a number of cases that are available for the iPad and then lets you view high quality photos and detailed descriptions of each. From that point you can click one more time and make a purchase. You can also search or view by brand--it's just that easy.

iPad Case Finder is the brain child of Daniel Brusilovsky and Lachy Groom and was birthed because the two were searching for a case for their iPads and couldn't decide on one to purchase.

I'm sure many readers will think that this site is no big deal, but if you have ever tried to buy a case, you know that it's not a simple process if you really are looking for something specific. For me, the site is a great concept but still is a bit away from full function. For example, if I could select what features I want on my case, the price point, and pretty much all of the features that I can drill down with using PriceGrabber.com, then it would be a homerun. For now, though, it's a great place to view a bunch of available iPad cases.

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