Need an online form? This new AI tool will build that for you

Formless will make creating a customized online form as easy as talking to ChatGPT.
Written by Maria Diaz, Staff Writer
Formless example

Forget Google Forms, GPT-4 will do the work for you.

Typeform/Screenshot by Maria Diaz/ZDNET

Typeform, a company behind a lot of the forms you fill out online every day, is working with OpenAI to launch a new integration of GPT-4 with its system, called Formless. This partnership will bring artificial intelligence, like that used in ChatGPT, to make the creation of online forms faster and more intuitive than ever.

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With Formless, a user can simply ask the system to come up with a form in a conversational manner, with prompts describing what they want their form to do. You can tell Formless that you need a feedback form for a new budget organization app, for example, and the platform will use generative AI, along with your brand assets, to come up with a customized and intuitive web form for your business. 

"The output will match any structure you impose and our sophisticated AI-driven natural language analysis will be your secret weapon to creating truly actionable knowledge. It literally takes a few minutes for creators, we do most of the heavy lifting," according to David Okuniev, co-founder of Typeform and head of Typeform Labs. 

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Typeform offers services to create web forms that include quizzes, surveys, and polls, which can be applied for marketing, feedback, purchases, applications, evaluations, orders, and more. The company is launching Formless from its own Typeform Labs, a program focused on the application of AI to create innovative products.

"The magic of Formless is that we make it ten times easier to make delightful and extremely powerful form experiences that don't look like a form your customers have ever seen; yet can do complicated computation, conditionals, and routing," Okuniev shared.

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Other projects from Typeform Labs include VideoAsk and Holler. Typeform says Formless will be commercially available soon but there's no set timeline of when that will be. For now, users can sign up for early access here.

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