NetWorld & Interop show roundup

You don't have to travel to catch the keynotes -- ZDNet will be at N+I in Las Vegas to bring you Bill Gates, live, plus the three other scheduled keynotes and the Broadband Showdown debate
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Banging the drum for Ethernet Extreme Networks' CEO Gordon Stitt came to NetWorld+Interop not to praise SONET but to bury it, and bang the drum for Ethernet. Fri 12 May 2000

Flexion system ties voice mail with email NetWorld+Interop shows communications box that integrates voice mail, fax and call-centre functionality with email. Thu 11 May 2000

Cisco's Lang: Service providers are key Larry Lang, Cisco's VP of service provider marketing, told NetWorld+Interop attendees that the company has big plans for its fastest-growing business line. Thu 11 May 2000

Inktomi chief: We must build a bigger Net David Peterschmidt says the Internet is still in a seminal construction phase. It's only two stories high -- but needs to scale up to scrape the sky. Thu 11 May 2000

Gates sends a message Microsoft's chairman didn't talk DoJ. But he still sent a message -- technical integration a fundamental for innovation -- in his N+I keynote. Wed 10 May 2000

Microsoft: I'll show you mine Officials offer sneak peek at 64-bit Windows 2000. But the company's supposed "mainframe-killer" Datacentre release still remains nowhere in sight. Wed 10 May 2000

Intelligent broadband is on the way Novell, Texas Instruments want to bring broadband to the masses, via a savvy gateway to ease the deployment of DSL, other services. Tue 09 May 2000

Gates: XML to become Internet lingua franca Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates kicked off the opening of the NetWorld & Interop show with a prediction: XML will become a key development platform for the Internet. Tue 09 May 2000


Exclusive: The keynotes from N+I, live! In RealPlayer and Windows Media Player. Thu 11 May 2000


Experts to unveil latest in Las Vegas. Every year in Las Vegas, the brightest people in the computer industry meet to swap their good ideas. The NetWorld + Interop 2000 conference kicks off this week. Jesse Berst's here to tell you what to expect.

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