New Apple TV starts shipping--will AirPlay work?

I purchased an Apple TV on announcement day. There's one main feature I'm interested in: AirPlay. Now the question is whether or not I can actually try it out before November.
Written by Joel Evans, Contributor

I had heard rumors that the Apple TV was delayed until mid-October. Moments before checking on those rumors this morning, I received notice that my own Apple TV would be arriving by end of week. So far it sounds like mine is shipping on time, so I'm not sure if the mid-October date is just for people who order it today, or if other pre-orders are now delayed. Either way, I'm glad that I pre-ordered.


I have been anxiously waiting for my Apple TV to arrive since I purchased it on announcement day. When Matt Miller told us we don't need one, I was forced to write about why I thought it was worth the purchase. Thankfully, even though it will have been almost 30 days before I receive my Apple TV, I'm still just as eager to add it to my home media tools.

According to my shipping statement, I should have it in my hands no later than Friday of this week. Since the current shipping build of iOS doesn't support AirPlay, I'm going to upgrade another iPhone to a developer build and see if I can start having fun. For me, AirPlay seems like one of the best selling features of the new Apple TV, and even though it might not be supported yet, it was teased in Jobs' speech, and is currently enjoying its own page on Apple.com--not yet updated to show video, though.

If you have any features in particular that you'd like me to test, put them in the comments below.

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