New Chrome for iOS 7 adds better voice search, fixes security flaws

Google's browser has been given a few extra tweaks for Apple's latest mobile operating system.
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer

Google has unveiled a new version of Chrome to coincide with this week's release of iOS 7, with updated voice search and tighter integration between the browser and other Google apps.

The new Chrome for iOS on the iPad and iPhone makes it easier to launch Google's own apps from the browser. Enabling the feature in settings, Chrome will open browser or email links automatically in YouTube, Google Maps, Gmail, Drive, and Google+, rather than necessitating fiddling around with icons.

Google has also made it more tempting and easier to sign into these services with a one click login for the apps in Chrome. Users can establish multiple accounts in Chrome and the next time they open a Google app, they have the option to login by tapping one of the profiles.

The updated browser also brings improvements to voice search that can handle multiple voice searches, in particular for popular subjects. The examples Google offers including questions about political leaders, followed up by further questions about, for example, their age or where they went to school.

The new browser also contains security fixes and raises the minimum iOS requirement to iOS 6. 

Chrome is just one of many popular apps that have been update in time for Apple's launch of iOS 7, including Pocket, Evernote, Quora and others.

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