New Cisco, AppDynamics integration bridges IT and DevOps for app management

The integration represents the next step in AppDynamics' vision for building a "Central Nervous System of IT"
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

Cisco is more tightly integrating its IT management tools with AppDynamics, the application performance business it acquired three years ago for $3.7 billion. The new integration, along with new tools and capabilities from both Cisco and AppDynamics, are part of an effort to connect application performance to infrastructure automation. 

Cisco's Intersight Workload Optimizer can now exchange and correlate data with AppDynamics, so both DevOps and IT teams can gain insight into the infrastructure dependencies that impact app performance, the user experience and the business impact.  

The Intersight Workload Optimizer is also getting new workload and cost optimization capabilities across hybrid application architectures. 

Additionally, Cisco is rolling out the HyperFlex Application Platform, a new container-as-a-service platform that simplifies provisioning and operating Kubernetes across the cloud, data center and edge. Leveraging both AppDynamics and Intersight, the platform supports real-time monitoring and optimization for both applications and the infrastructure stack. 

AppDynamics is also introducing a new tool called Experience Journey Maps, which displays the most important user experience journeys within mission critical apps. It's designed for both application teams and business teams, so they can understand the link between business performance, user experience and application performance.

The combination of DevOps and IT should help organizations that increasingly rely on smooth application performance to drive business, Cisco and AppDynamics say. 

About a year ago, Cisco and AppDynamics began integrating more of their products and services to build what they called a "Central Nervous System of IT." The idea, which AppDynamics says will take years to build out, is to integrate multiple cloud environments with IOT, services, APIs and agile development, along with AI. 

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