New iPad jailbroken on day one

The new Apple iPad (third iPad, iPad 3) has already been jailbroken in at least three different ways. It won't be long now before anyone with the new iPad will be able to jailbreak it themselves.
Written by Emil Protalinski, Contributor

Just hours after the new Apple iPad (I'll be referring to it as "the new iPad" throughout this article, not iPad 3) was released, it was jailbroken in three (how appropriate!) separate ways. This means that hackers have already found and exploited security holes to run custom code on the new iPad with iOS 5.1.

Dev-Team's iPhone hacker MuscleNerd posted a few pictures on Twitter showing the new iPad running the Cydia Store for jailbroken devices and a terminal app, both of which cannot run on an iOS device unless it's been jailbroken. Here are some his tweets regarding the feat:

jailbroken iPad3: http://twitpic.com/8x48rt http://twitpic.com/8x48xg (Just a first step, still lots of work to do! No ETA!) Well that's odd timing! twitpic.com/8x69ns @unk1ng69 I did not pick up, and they didn't leave a message :) @i0n1c congrats....So that's two very different jailbreak methods on two continents all on release day! @chpwn @i0n1c Of course, join the party! Busy iPad3 launch day! Congrats to @i0n1c for 2nd JB method, and @chpwn + @phoenixdev for 3rd method!

iOS hacker Stefan Esser (i0n1c) performed an untethered jailbreak on his new iPad, meaning he rebooted it without connecting to a Mac or PC and running the jailbreak software again. He's the one who posted the above video. Here are some of his tweets related to the accomplishment:

Okay my iPad3,3 is now untethered jailbroken... I guess in a few weeks the upload will be finished https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tKsQ7JwXTY Video upload is at 34% .... only 1 week more until finished... People just cannot behave. The video is not yet uploaded and there are already spam links and wars in the comments to the video. Youtube really doesn't want you guys to see the video. Upload is finished but now it stays at 0% processing. BTW I really love the comment suggesting that in the end the only thing you will see is 100 minutes of RickRoll. Hmm the video is there... But the quality is bad, really bad... Well better than nothing. Untethered Jailbreak 5.1 / iPad 3,3 / The new iPad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tKsQ7JwXTY @ErrataRob The video just shows that is was jailbroken untethered. Nothing more, nothing less. btw... I am covering the lower corner of Cydia on startup because it loves to show the devices UUID. Please don't fall for anyone collecting donations in my name. (This will be your only warning) For those that want information about the exploits I am using. All you get is: I am using 3 kernel bugs and 3 user land bugs. Ah okay... so changing the MAC address of an iDevice still changes your UDID. Good.

Last but not least, here's the short third story of jailbreaking the new iPad. Hacker Grant Paul (chpwn) and hacker Paul Griffin (phoenixdev) did it together. Here's what Paul had to say:

Jailbroken iPad (3), using a different method by myself and @phoenixdev: http://db.tt/mqIZmw96 http://db.tt/g2UlawxV http://db.tt/V9a3YZRJ @phoenixdev @musclenerd @i0n1c Hey, mine came three hours ago. :P

Here's what Griffin had to say:

@MuscleNerd @chpwn @i0n1c Dammit guys, I wanted to be third :P. Couldn't even be first because I got my iPad only four hours ago. Less chit chat, more work on trying to jailbreak my iPad. Still want to see if I can do this without borrowing anyone else's code. One week of hard work, 4.5 hours of owning an iPad, and I now have Cydia and SSH running! Pics to follow. Also, my methods are not for public consumption. It's just bragging rights before I hand off my work to better-equipped people. Fourth! http://imgur.com/rgoCD It's amazing what you can accomplish during Spring Break. @pathumx Well @chpwn has had his hand in other jailbreaks. I just wanted a challenge - it's debatable if I got one :P.

Jailbreaking an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad makes it possible to install apps that aren't available in Apple's App Store, among other goodies. The tools for jailbreaking your new iPad aren't yet available, but this first step means the software will be developed sooner rather than later. These and other hackers are already warning not to update your new iPad past the iOS version it comes shipped with, as Apple may plug some or all of the security holes that are being exploited for these jailbreaks.

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