New Olloclip Multi-Device Clip: Use all of your Connect X lenses on any smartphone

External lenses can help you take smartphone photography to the next level, but often these lenses require cases for specific devices. Olloclip announced a new device that lets you use your lenses on most smartphones.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
Image: Olloclip

Many of us use our smartphones as our primary camera and also add external lenses to our collection in order to get more creative and capture more of the world around us. The lenses can be expensive and they often require a specific case for each phone in order to use the lens.

I tested out a couple Olloclip Connect X lenses in May, but since I am now using a Galaxy Note 9 those lenses are sitting on my desk. With the new Multi-Device Clip those lenses will become useful again.

The Multi-Device Clip has an expanding clip that provides flush alignment with the camera and lens, including supporting screen protectors and cases up to 12mm in combined thickness. You can use this new clip on the front or rear facing cameras and I can't wait to test one out.

This new clip works with every Connect X lens, including:

  • Super-Wide: Four-element lens with more than 120-degree visibility
  • Ultra-Wide: A 155-degree action camera field-of-view
  • Telephoto: 2X optical zoom to get twice as close to the action
  • Fisheye and Macro: Unique 180-degree wide-angle spherical effect and microscope like magnification
  • Macro 7X +14X: Get detail oriented and see beyond the naked eye
  • Macro 21X: Turn your phone into a microscope

The Multi-Device Clip is available now for $19.99 by itself. You can also purchase a bundle with various lens options and the Multi-Device Clip starting at $59.99 for the Super Wide lens. The Connect X lenses that work with this clip individually start at $44.99.

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