New YouTube Director tools makes video ad making easy for businesses

If your business needs a promotional video and you do not have the budget for a camera crew and director, then try this free app from YouTube
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

Most small and medium businesses would love to use video advertising for their brand but find the cost is beyond their budget.

New YouTube Director tools makes video ad making easy for businesses ZDNet

Business owners are the best people to tell the story of their business and get their message across.

Video is the medium that lets you tell your story to the people you want to hear it, when you want to tell it to them, as often as they are ready to listen - in full sight, sound and motion.

It is not as good as you, in person, but it is the next best thing.

Unfortunately you can only tell your story to so many people in each 24 hour day.

Thats where a well crafted video can get your message across far more effectively.

With Facebook predicting that everything on our feeds will be video within five years, now is great time to start your video story.

YouTube has recognised this and has released its YouTube Director for business .

The free app is positioned at small businesses who want to make videos to connect with their customers.

New YouTube Director tools makes video ad making easy for businesses ZDNet

The app has over 100 ready-to-go templates to help novice film makers create an HD video.

It has step-by-step instructions to walk users through each step to creation and publication of the video on YouTube.

Users can also promote their video by enlisting help from a video ads specialist consultant who will work with them to set up their ad campaign.

The app is easy to use. Point your phone at the subject and start to record.

You can add text, voiceover, animations, and music to create a more polished video ad.

The app will show you what to do step-by-step.

It helps you frame your video, helps you with what to say, and when.

You can do multiple takes for the video and choose the best version.

Stay in the same shot and tap the record button again.

Swipe left and right to choose the best take to include in the final video.

The app also gives you access to hundreds of free music tracks to use in the video.

The music selector option appears at the bottom of your shot list.

When the video is finished, upload it to YouTube and start promoting your business.

YouTube also offers tips on how to make the best video.

It recommends to keep the length of your video to one minute or less. It says that your video will be remembered far better if it is short and to the point.

Long videos run the risk of losing viewers with short attention spans before you have got to the point of your message.

The YouTube Director app is currently only available for iPhone and only in the US and Canada right now. YouTube says that the app will be on the Android platform 'soon'.

Thanks to this new app, our Facebook feeds will soon be filled with much better quality, narrated, enhanced videos - but will still be full of videos of cats and dogs.

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