News to know: AT&T Tilt; Vista SP1; Server flaws; .Net

Notable headlines:Matthew Miller: First impressions of the AT&T Tilt. Gallery: The unboxing.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Matthew Miller: First impressions of the AT&T Tilt.
Gallery: The unboxing.

Mary Jo Foley: Accounted for: The five mystery Vista updates to be added to SP1.

Ryan Naraine: X Font Server flaw hits Sun Solaris hard.Apple (finally) fixes year-old QuickTime flaw.

New York Times: In Facebook, Investing in a Theory AppleInsider: New iMacs plagued by interface freezing issues. David Morgenstern: Apple releases battery firmware update for some MacBook Pros.

Christopher Dawson: Upcoming Ubuntu release to improve features for educators, general, power users.

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft to release .Net a

s Shared Source. Ryan Stewart: Microsoft opens the .NET Framework libraries. Techmeme. Photos: Server room cabling overhaul (right).

Paula Rooney: Adobe slips out first alpha of Flex Builder Linux IDE. Dan Farber: Google Transit now public.

Russell Shaw: BlackBerry 9000 said on way: 3G with full Backup/Restore. Garett Rogers: Google Apps becomes a more viable enterprise solution. Gizmodo: First-Gen Zune Getting All The New Features: This is How You Treat Your Customers.

Mary Jo Foley: Could customer support be Zune’s biggest selling point? David Berlind: If Zune is #2 after X-Mas, I’ll shave my head.

Intel to boost single-core performance. Jason O'Grady: Are SSDs ready for prime time? Micron: Momentum builds for solid state drives; Memory comes cheap. BlimpTV: Vista parody video.

David Morgenstern: iPhone: a different kind of customer?

Gallery: Scenes at Ceatec, day 2.

Larry Dignan:Amazon sheds light on Dynamo. Robin Harris: Inside Amazon.

Dana Gardner: IBM 'continuum' helps companies crawl-walk-run along the SOA path.

Phil Wainewright: SAP, Adobe, Microsoft: three monkeys take on SaaS.

CIO survey: HP shines; Virtualization, storage top priorities. EDS, Sabre extend IT services deal.

Richard Stiennon: Children. Be very, very afraid.

David Berlind: Toshiba's sub-3 lb. projector is a road warrior's dream; a pricey dream, but still a dream.

DigiTimes: Apple reportedly considering Intel platform for iPhone

Matthew Miller: QuickOffice integrates Mail for Exchange on S60 devices.

Dan Farber: Zoho adds database to office suite.

Spam-scam crackdown nets $2 billion in fake checks.

Cell phone helps Japanese stay fit. NTT DoCoMo considers new pricing model. Joe McKendrick: Is 'SOA business case' a paradox?

George Ou: The 22" dual-core all-in-one game PC for $765.

Dana Blankenhorn: The cost-growth conflict in health care technology. Computerworld: The 10 funniest YouTube help desk videos.

Gamers gather for 7th World Cyber Games. Gallery (right).

Blockbuster's online DVD subscribers seen down.

Yahoo mulls options for shopping site Kelkoo.

A turn in the antispyware war?

Fake Steve's fake traffic.

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