News to know: Barcelona; Building a quad-core PC; Google Apps; AI; Flash drives

Notable headlines:AMD's Barcelona not a savior, yet.George Ou: Will AMD Barcelona kill off high-margin AMD CPUs?
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

AMD's Barcelona not a savior, yet.

George Ou: Will AMD Barcelona kill off high-margin AMD CPUs? Leaked - AMD Barcelona versus Intel Clovertown and Tigerton. David Berlind: HP releases statement regar

ding commitment to AMD’s quad-core Barcelona. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: The quad-core project - Building the PC walkthrough. Gallery (right).

Dan Farber: Capgemini brings Google Apps to enterprises. Google taps Capgemini to bring big business to Apps. Robin Harris: Flash drives get a fight from disks.

Singularity Summit 2007: Artificial Intelligence under the microscope. Computers–they kill me. Google co-evolving with the Web. Machines of loving grace. Coming to grips with intelligent machines.

Microsoft: Better software can prevent medical mishaps.

Mary Jo Foley: First Microsoft hypervisor build due with next Windows Server 2008 test build. Microsoft Live Search 2.0 get its public day in the sun on September 26.

Facebook could surpass 200 million users in a year. Jason O'Grady: iPhone’s recessed rationale.

Russell Shaw: The three big takeaways from the latest BlackBerry email outage.

Ed Bott: More on HD, DRM, and CPU usage.

House OKs revamp of patent system.

Online gaming hits its groove.

Solar thermal plants go back to the future. Joshua Greenbaum: Back to the Barricades and Firing Squads: Revolution 2.0 Is Coming. Dennis Howlett: Better build those barricades real high. Dan Farber: Office 2.0: The future of applications.

Looking back at Microsoft Outlook Easter Eggs (right).

David Morgenstern: More winners and losers from Apple’s iPod refresh. Palm, Motorola seen most hurt by iPhone price cut.

Google Operating System: Microsoft Launches Translation Service.

The exercise bike that races via the Web.

Online gaming hits its groove.

My-PC-Help.com: Cablevision CEO a Verizon FiOS Subscriber? Richard Stiennon: TJX. Un-answered questions.

Russell Shaw: Leaked ad points to 16GB iPhone on November 12. Computerworld: Judge OKs Google's brief in Vista search beef.

Harry Fuller: Time: early electric car one of 50 worst of all "time". Roland Piquepaille: Can computers really read manuscripts?

Joe McKendrick: Fighting SOA complexity with lots of committees.

David Berlind: Google Reader improvements leave more room for improvement.

Photos: Top 10 reviews of the week (left).

New York Times: Even in a Virtual World, ‘Stuff’ Matters.

Can Michael Dell Refocus His Namesake? Steve O'Hear: Learning to share: lessons from the Data Sharing Summit.

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