News to know: Black market zero days; Microsoft security; BlackBerry Bold; SAP

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily:Dancho Danchev: Black market for zero day vulnerabilities still thrivingSpammers targeting Bebo, generate thousands of bogus accountsLarry Dignan: Microsoft: Third party apps killing our securityJosh Taylor: Hands on with the BlackBerry BoldMatthew Miller: Motorola MOTOZINE Z5 comes to T-Mobile with 5 megapixel camera and WiFiCNET News: Salesforce.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily:

Dancho Danchev: Black market for zero day vulnerabilities still thriving

Larry Dignan: Microsoft: Third party apps killing our security

Josh Taylor: Hands on with the BlackBerry Bold

CNET News: Salesforce.com extends cloud computing service

Tom Steinert-Threlkeld: Tech Busts, Two: 2008 Worse For Blue Chips Than 2000

Dennis Howlett: SAP: Claus Heinrich resigns from executive board

Photos: Top-rated reviews of the week (right)

TechRepublic: 10 dumb things IT pros do that can mess up their networks

Sam Diaz: Should Facebook be tapping users for cash?

Ed Bott: Clearing up the Windows Live confusion

Christopher Dawson: One more reason for Classmate to step up

Brian Sommer: SAP, Oracle, SaaS - The changing ERP market

Robert Scoble: Never underestimate Microsoft's ability to turn a corner

Oliver Marks: FaceBook Virgin Airlines Fiasco

Dana Blankenhorn: The health IT archipelago

Kingsley-Hughes: Stop Blu-ray discs from phoning home with AnyDVD HD

Sean Portnoy: Survey reveals favorite ISPs around the United States. None of them is Comcast.

Deb Perelman:My Awesome IT Job: Enterprise Architect, IBM

TechRepublic: The five fundamentals of IT consulting

LA Times Blog: MySpace, MTV Networks team with Auditude to profit from online video

Heather Clancy: AMD updates global climate protection goals

Larry Dignan: IBM sues brainiac looking to leap to Apple; Download the docs

The Guardian: Amnesty criticises Global Network Initiative for online freedom of speech

How to: Filtering unwanted music in iTunes (right)

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes:Highlights from NetApplications data for October - Linux market share drops

San Francisco Chronicle: Salesforce.com CEO's head is still in a ‘cloud’Dennis Howlett: No recession in Joyent's cloud

Jennifer Leggio: Cool Tools - TwitterScope threads Twitter's tweets

Dawson: Enough already with the Luddite schools

Jason O'Grady: Netflix Watch Instantly comes to the Mac

Zack Whittaker: Managing your PDF's student style

Gallery: Best Windows software for a hard-hit economy (right)

Garett Rogers: New Gmail SMS feature delayed for two weeks

Dana Blankenhorn: The Twiki fork, a takeover opportunity?

Sean Portnoy: Dell updates XPS One with 24-inch 1080p screen

Roland Piquepaille:Using lasers to watch electrons in action

Michael Krigsman: Let's meet at Dreamforce in San Francisco

NYT: 30 Seconds to Boot Up?  That's 29 Too ManyJason O'Grady: Episode 95: PowerPage Podcast

Matthew Miller: Will we see Windows Mobile 6.5 before 7?

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: 100,000 Sony batteries recalled

Tom Foremski: Sorting through the promises of virtualization

Andrew Nusca: Weekend Gadget Guidance: Preview fonts before installing

Mission accomplished: Google's ad deal with Yahoo has already worked

Beyond findability: The search for active intelligence

Akamai: Weathering a price war; economic slowdown

How hackers were thwarted at the Beijing Olympics

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