News to know: Dump IE; Intuit-Microsoft; eBay; NYT; social Web; YouTube

A "Dump IE" campaign, a Microsoft-Intuit partnership and eBay's fourth-quarter earnings top today's headlines.
Written by Sam Diaz, Inactive

News to know: Here are today's notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily. For continuous updates are BNET's around-the-Web tech coverage:

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Should I dump Internet Explorer?

Dennis Howlett: Intuit and Microsoft partner: more PaaS to put in your aaS environment

Sam Diaz: eBay earnings beat for Q4, 2009; credits PayPal's "exceptional performance"

Larry Dignan: New York Times goes metered online: Will you pay up?

Dion Hinchcliffe: The social Web in 2010: The emerging standards and technologies to watch

Larry Dignan: YouTube experiments with movie rentals

Sam Diaz: Microsoft creates legal triangle with TiVo-AT&T over DVR patents

WSJ: Oracle Schedules Event to Discuss Sun Plans

Andrew Nusca: Study: American kids spend 7.5 hours per day using electronics

Sam Diaz: Vivu releases Skype plug-in for multi-person video conferences

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Apple Tablet: Apple looking to subsidize cost of iPad

WSJ: Apple Sees New Money in Old Media

Larry Dignan: Bing on the iPhone: Could be risky, lucrative

CNET: Bill Gates joins Twitter

Jason D. O'Grady: Using your iPhone to save your life

Tom Foremski: Apple Tablet: Photo is here

Andrew Nusca: Lockheed Martin, IronKey announce ultra-secure 'PC on a stick' flash drive

Ryan Naraine: Following the Google attack malware trail

Jason Perlow: Independent Consultants: Rest in Peace?

Jason D. O'Grady: Software for a cause: Haiti relief

Joe McKendrick: Another view: Why IT should not be run as a business

Forrester: Lotus knows ... but do you know Lotus?

Regulations and compliance: The business justification for data security

Andrew Nusca: Toshiba unveils new business laptops: Tecra A11; Qosmio X500; Satellite Pro L450, L500, L550

Heather Clancy: DOE to IT industry: We'll help you get more energy-efficient, if it costs us

Ryan Naraine: Researcher demos clickjacking attack on Facebook

Matthew Miller: Truphone Local Anywhere SIM and services makes every call local

Dana Blankenhorn: MediConnect goes consumer by buying PassportMD

Larry Dignan: Bandwagon filling up for Microsoft's 'Pink' phone

CNET: China's Baidu sues US domain registrar over attack

Rachel King: Asus might release their Tegra-based Eee Pad Tablet under $500

Zack Whittaker: Virus attack hits Vista machines, cripples university network

Dana Blankenhorn: Bob Frankston re-imagines the Internet

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Strike hits Chinese screenmaker

Rachel King: Sony launches TransferJet Memory Stick with Wi-Fi

Dana Blankenhorn: Black Duck honors best of 19,000 new open source projects

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Apple Boot Camp - now with Windows 7 support

Jason Hiner: Should IT let users bring their own laptops and smartphones? [podcast]

Rachel King: Sony PS3 Motion Controller delayed until at least fall 2010

Larry Dignan: Amazon gives publishers a bigger royalty cut for Kindle; Apple Tablet defense?

Matthew Miller: Video review: Handmark's TweetCaster beta is the best Android Twitter app

Dan Kusnetzky: Lanamark's tools for "capacity management as a service"

Larry Dignan: Smart Planet: The food carbon calculator: How does the food you eat affect global warming?

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