News to know: Earnings - Microsoft, Amazon, AT&T, Motorola; Oracle-Sun; More iPad

More tech earnings and more iPad analysis top today's headlines.
Written by Sam Diaz, Inactive

News to know: Here are today's notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily. For continuous updates are BNET’s around-the-Web tech coverage:

Larry Dignan: Microsoft earnings: 'Exceptional demand' for Windows 7 stokes bottom, top lines

` Oracle-Sun's great society vision: Will customers bite?

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: iPad: The wider implications of Steve Jobs' new creation

Rachel King: China says they won't limit use of Google Android OS


Harry Fuller: Atmopshere Hot But Not Hotter; Politics: Very Much Hotter

Tom Foremski: Firms seek replacement for Microsoft and Adobe software

Phil Wainewright: Mimecast's $21m shows strength of SaaS in Europe

Chris Jablonski: An organic transistor that mimics a brain synapse

Christopher Dawson: Solving my LMS debacle (for now)

Jason D. O'Grady:: Apple relents; allows VOIP over 3G on iPhone

Heather Clancy: Industry strikes back: Tech companies weigh in on NYC recycling law tussle

CNET: Kayak.com lets you book 'Lost' flight

Larry Dignan: CA names McCracken CEO; Earnings solid

Rachel King: Nexus One desktop dock finally unveiled, now available for $45

CNET: New York examines Web marketing scam

Zack Whittaker: Windows Home Server 'Vail': A web based media center?

Sam Diaz: McGraw-Hill should blame itself, not media, for its iPad "confirmation"

Dana Blankenhorn: How e-prescribing stops doctor shopping

Harry Fuller: Greentech Call-outs From State of the Union

Rachel King: Photo leaks of Sprint HTC Android-based device with Wimax

Matthew Miller: Tweetcaster now available in the Android Market, best Android Twitter app

Joe McKendrick: Passwords remain weakest link in Web security

Dana Blankenhorn: Credativ providing third level of support to OpenLogic customers

Rachel King: Sarotech releasing a sleek HDD enclosure with USB 3.0 ports

Rachel King: LaCie debuts trio of Quadra Enterprise Class external hard drives

Ed Burnette: Computer-driven trading puts stock exchanges at risk

Dana Blankenhorn: Open source faces a post-Sun world

Andrew Nusca: BlackBerry Magnum spotted in the wild; RIM's first touchscreen QWERTY

Rachel King: Apple lifts VoIP ban over 3G networks; iCall is first iPhone app with 3G support

Dan Kusnetzky: Virtualization survey results

Jason Hiner: Do all signs point to a bounce in PC demand in 2010? [podcast]

Larry Dignan: BMC Software poised to cash in on hybrid data centers

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