News to know: EC vs. Microsoft; Google Sites; Evernote's incredible search; iPhone roadmap

Notable headlines:Larry Dignan: EU slaps Microsoft with $1.35 billion fineMary Jo Foley: European Commission vs.
Written by David Grober, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Larry Dignan: EU slaps Microsoft with $1.35 billion fine

Jotspot is back (as Google Sites); It's still a wiki Techmeme

George Ou: Microsoft’s free enterprise search is a must try

Richard Koman: White House official details email hole ; German court protects personal data privacy

Mary Jo Foley: Hyper-V isn't the only Windows Server 2008 virtualization solution that's lagging

Matthew Miller: Evernote Web public beta and the incredible search technology


In Zero Day Security:

VMware's security strategy: Cut hackers off at the hypervisor

Report: Hackers swipe FTP server credentials using SaaS

Secunia: It’s not a flaw if it’s a feature

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: KB940510 highlights some counterfeit Windows installations. See also: image gallery [at right].

Dana Gardner: RIA wars heat up with alpha versions of Adobe's AIR and Flex

Larry Dignan: Facebook's new face: What does it need to accomplish?

Dana Blankenhorn at HIMSS:

Paul Murphy: The worst PC myth of all

Jason D. O'Grady: SSDs are too expensive, but are they doomed to fail?

Paula Rooney: Linux-based Unison server to challenge Microsoft Unified Communications Platform

Heather Clancy: Managed services should get a boost from the green IT movement

Dan Kusnetzky: IBM announces the Z10: Is the mainframe still relevant?

Photos: Wireless sensor-making is a snap [at right]

Roland Piquepaille: Nanotechnology-based clean hydrogen for cars

Russell Shaw: 9-1-1 VoIP passes Senate, but that's far from a complete solution

TechRepublic: Increase Vista security by setting expiring passwords

Robert Scoble: What made me cry: Microsoft’s World Wide Telescope

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