News to know: Firefox 3; Patch Tuesday; SocialCalc

Notable headlines:Paula Rooney: All systems are go for Firefox 3 launch; RC3 needed for Mac OSX onlyNate McFeters: What's wrong with an exploit being sexy?Ryan Naraine: Critical IE, Bluetooth, DirectX flaws highlight MS Patch TuesdayDana Blankenhorn: Can fighting registrars win the spam wars?
Written by David Grober, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Paula Rooney: All systems are go for Firefox 3 launch; RC3 needed for Mac OSX only

Nate McFeters: What's wrong with an exploit being sexy?

Ed Bott: 10 top tweaks for Windows Vista, part 1 [Editor's Note: This blog post and accompanying gallery are not yet available.]

BNET: How to offshore in China Larry Dignan: Yahoo: Our poison pill isn't 'nuts'; Icahn guessing at plan costs

Paula Rooney: VMware debuts ThinApp 4, Desktop Manager 2.1 to elevate virtual desktop lineup

Dennis Howlett: SocialCalc: a killer app?

Janice Chen: Don't buy a Canon EOS Rebel XSi or XTi for Father's Day--wait for the Rebel XS

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Jobs on OS X: "We're going to hit the pause button on new features"

TechRepublic: IT Dojo: Simplify admin tasks by exporting Active Directory data with CSVDE

Garrett Rogers: Google intentionally blocking PayPal from App Engine?

Christopher Dawson: So just what is this RTI thing anyway?

Rick Fairlie: D-Link ships new IP Web cams for budget users

The CIO ledger: iPhone plusses and minuses

Robin Harris: PS3 chip powers world's fastest computer

Joe McKendrick: Microsoft signs onto Unified Modeling Language for SOA

Larry Dignan: Why Internet companies are attractive takeover targets: They can't manage

LA Times: Disney puts movies online for free

Dave Greenfield:SocialText unveils new wiki spreadsheet

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Dell XPS 730 now loaded with 4GB of overclocked Corsair DDR3

Christopher Dawson:It’s really hot…buy some thin clients

Dan Kusnetzky: Repair of my HTC Advantage Part 3

Dancho Danchev: Who's behind the GPcode ransomware?

Roland Piquepaille: Can we trust our GPS devices?

Cloud computing meets capitalism: We all become a business of one

Zack Whittaker: Work anywhere, do anything

Dana Blankenhorn: Sun SOA strategy still doesn't get open source

Photos: The trapeze artistry of 'La Nouba' (right)

CIO Vision Series:
Del Monte Foods CIO: Marc Brown - Streamlined tracking through the food chain

Matthew Miller: Mail for Exchange 2.5 supports S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2 and Exchange 2007 features

Enterprise 2.0:

Sharepoint Addons and Mashups Strike it Big in Boston

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