News to know: Google Apps Marketplace; Cisco; Apple-HTC; FCC

A new Google Apps Marketplace and Cisco's souped up routers for the next generation top today's headlines.
Written by Sam Diaz, Inactive

News to know: Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News to Know via email alert and RSS daily. For continuous updates are BNET’s around-the-Web tech coverage:

Garett Rogers: Google launches the Google Apps marketplace

Sam Diaz: Cisco unveils new router to drive video; Big expectations ahead

Larry Dignan: Apple's HTC lawsuit pays off: Rival roadmaps disrupted

Dana Blankenhorn: Will Apple be the next SCO or the next Microsoft?

Sam Diaz: How about a location update with that Tweet, Facebook status?

Larry Dignan: Jonathan Schwartz: How to play patent games with Steve Jobs, Bill Gates

Andrew Mager: 25 SxSW 2010 Panels You Can't Afford To Miss

Larry Dignan: IT hiring outlook improves: Think financial services if job hunting

Rachel King: Google, Dish Network testing Android-powered TV search service


Sam Diaz: Nexus One's biggest challenge isn't iPhone; it's Google's online-only sales model

Andrew Nusca: Why the Apple iPad won't cannibalize the Kindle e-reader

Larry Dignan: Amazon nixes Colorado affiliates; State tax battles proliferate

Dan Kusnetzky: VMware Express Tour - bringing desktop virtualization to you

Sam Diaz: iPhone developers: What they give up to get into Apple's app store

Rachel King: Valve confirms Steam game service support for Mac

Tom Foremski: Google's Chief Economist can't help newspapers...

Sean Portnoy: Samsung reveals pricing for its 3D HDTVs, Blu-ray player, home theater system

Christopher Dawson: Hey, Google! I'll blog for broadband

Michael Krigsman: Six ways CRM projects go wrong

Joe McKendrick: How to break that hand-coding habit

Michael Krigsman: IT failure: A shameful story

Jason Perlow: Please Welcome Yet Another Guy With a Beard

Dana Gardner: TIBCO rolls out Spotfire 3.1 with spotlight on predictive analytics

Ed Bott: Getting ready for MIX10

Ryan Naraine: Microsoft plugs dangerous Excel security holes

David Chernicoff: Autopsy of the post-mortem: If it can happen to Google, it will happen to you

Christopher Dawson: Google Translate: leveraging the world's largest data store

David Chernicoff: My PAC's better than your POD. Or is it?

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Did Microsoft's 'Browser Ballot" break because of Copy'n'Paste code?

Ryan Naraine: New Microsoft IE zero-day flaw under attack

Andrew Nusca: Samsung E6 e-reader offers handwriting, audio capabilities; $299, Barnes & Noble

Phil Wainewright: Four pillars of the transition to SaaS

Doug Hanchard: Northrop Grumman drops bid for of Air Force air tanker

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft adds XNA Game Studio 4.0 to its Windows Phone 7 arsenal

David Morgenstern: There's an app for that, if only I could remember it

Christopher Dawson: Soshiku Pro - not bad for a 20-year old

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft starts rolling out revamped MSN home page

John Carroll: Shut down the patent office?

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Newegg IDs source of counterfeit Intel Core i7 CPUs

CNET: Drudge Report accused of serving malware

Rachel King: Case-Mate Hug protects and charges an iPhone wirelessly

Doug Hanchard: FBI nab cyber-extortionist who sought $3 million from NY insurance firm

Dana Gardner: Cast Iron launches integration platform to help pull hybrid cloud models together

Larry Dignan: PC makers drool over SMBs; What will win over the accidental entrepreneur?

Doug Hanchard: Polymer to replace cotton in Canadian currency notes

Rachel King: MSi X-Slim X360 laptop measures 1" thick, powered by Intel Core i5

Heather Clancy: Get on the fast track to carbon emissions reporting

Rachel King: Roxio CinePlayer chosen to power MSi 3D home entertainment systems

Doug Hanchard: Carly Fiorina officially files to run for U.S. Senate

ZDNet Asia: HP sues Asian firms over patents

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: The Windows 7 UI will be the HP Slate's biggest weakness

Heather Clancy: Data center energy manager keeps tabs on unmetered equipment

Zack Whittaker: Netbooks dead? Yes, in the student market at least

Dana Blankenhorn: Keep health IT away from politics, says Chaikin

Dancho Danchev: Vodafone HTC Magic shipped with Conficker, Mariposa malware

Heather Clancy: CA formalizes relationships with energy-efficiency partners

Larry Dignan: IBM, Stanford reach green chemistry breakthrough

Rachel King: HP Slate promotion videos reveal Flash compatibility, Adobe AIR applications

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