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Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily:Jason Perlow: To Boldly Go Where No Search Engine Has Gone BeforeBeet.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily:

Jason Perlow: To Boldly Go Where No Search Engine Has Gone Before

Heather Clancy: Flipping the switch saves The Planet about $140K annuallyMatthew Miller: Review: Aerovation Checkpoint Friendly Laptop bag simplifies security process

Roland Piquepaille:1,500 ships to fight climate change?

Adam O'Donnell: DDoS + Web2.0 == Buckets o' Traffic

Andrew Mager: What do you want me to cover at TechCrunch50?

Dennis Howlett: Judge finds Oracle's Ellison withheld evidence

Dan Lyons: One Bad Apple

Jason O'Grady: Preview: Plusmo Pro Football Live app (updated)

Matthew Miller: MobileTechRoundup show #146, MSI Wind, OMNIA, and HTC Dream desires

Webware: A user guide to following DemoFall and TechCrunch50

Photos: Top 10 reviews of the week

Roland Piquepaille:Measuring the acceleration of the universe

Jennifer Leggio: Companies can't be coy if they want reader action

Sam Diaz: The Office (2.0): No paper? No problem.

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft's Ozzie to head another new Microsoft lab

Sean Portnoy: Samsung, Sony in Wi-Fi Photo Frame Shootout

Dan Kusnetzky: Fortisphere Virtual Essentials 2.0

Paul Murphy: Commercial development strategies

Jason Perlow: 102 Minutes That Changed America: "Mesh" reporting comes of age

TechRepublic: Business Intelligence: New trend, retreaded buzzword, or oxymoron?

NYT: Microsoft Works to Perfect Windows Vista

Engadget: iPod nano 4G leaked in actual, factual, really-real spy photo

Valleywag: NBC dumps Microsoft Silverlight after Olympics

Joe McKendrick: Does SOA matter? (Part 4)

Deb Perelman:My Awesome IT Job: Senior IT Manager, Cisco

Dan Kusnetzky: Dell repair adventure, conclusion

Photos: Future Combat Systems, here and now (right)

Christopher Dawson: Good news on the Dell netbook front

Heather Clancy: Services capability. Check. Financing arm. Check.

Larry Dignan: NetSuite moves early to support Chrome

Images: The art of 'Spore' prototypes (right)

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Is Firefox faster than Chrome?

Paul Murphy: Microsoft's Seinfeld ads: what's the real agenda?

VentureBeat: Xbox 360 defects: an inside history of Microsoft's video game console woes

Tom Steinert-Threlkeld: 2011, A News Odyssey: Digg-ing Meets Up With Digging

Andrew Mager: From meme to paperback: Barack Obama is your new bicycle

Video: Can Chrome give Internet Explorer a run for its money?

Ryan Stewart: What went wrong with Joost's desktop client?

Richard Koman: LHC scientists get death threats

Michael Krigsman: Netflix post-mortem: hardware failure and poor transparency

Andrew Nusca:Find cheap printer ink, toner refills

Nokia: Our market share will slip over weak demand

Dana Blankenhorn: What the fight against cancer really needs

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