News to know: HD DVD done; Vista SP1 problems and benchmarks; MacBook Air Diary; Green data centers

Notable headlines:Robin Harris: What your disk drive isn't telling you.Toshiba: We're done with HD DVDReport: Toshiba to announce HD DVD pullout Tuesday.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Robin Harris: What your disk drive isn't telling you.

Toshiba: We're done with HD DVD

Report: Toshiba to announce HD DVD pullout Tuesday. Microsoft says end of HD DVD won't hurt Xbox 360

Mary Jo Foley: No update from Microsoft on Vista SP1, Media Cent

er problems. Microsoft adds new features to its Popfly mash-up tool. Microsoft keeps the Live fires burning. There’s no Windows Server 2008 SP1 in the works. Here’s why

Photos: Top 10 reviews of the week

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Vista SP1 vs. XP SP2 - Benchmarked. Vista SP1 vs. XP SP2 - Part Deux

Dan Farber: Bungee Labs opens developer platform-as-a-service Ryan Stewart: Bungee Labs and platform as a service: a great RIA

Dan Kusnetzky:How does the use of virtualization technology differ by industry?

Michael Krigsman: Seven antidotes to the caustic politics of IT failure

Jason O'Grady: MacBook Air Diary-Day 19: Traveling light

Dana Blankenhorn: The next frontier for GPL Violations

Richard Stiennon: California court order effectively erases Wikileaks. Techmeme. Richard Koman: ISP turns over hundreds of email accounts to FBI

Images: A deviant art collection (right)

Heather Clancy: New data center facilities company finds green home on the range

Harry Fuller: Are you the new Mr. Green Jeans? Cottoning on to "green" clothes

James Farrar: IBM on Corporate Social Responsibility: Collaboration, Integration and NGO Foot Soldiers

Dan Farber: BlueTie brings 'featuretisements' to workflow. Microhoo update: Culture clash, Alibaba and board room politics. Data center centerfold: Google's new Oregon facility

Russell Shaw: BlackBerry-Motorola patent infringement fight makes little sense to me BlackBerry maker, Motorola duel in lawsuits

Ryan Stewart: HD rich media continues to bloom

Joshua Greenbaum: IDS Scheer: Jazzing up BPM

MacRumors: Advanced multitouch gesturing in Mac OS X control panel

ReadWriteWeb: Reaching for the Sky Through The Compute Clouds

Phil Fersht: Should your firm offload its offshore operations to an outsourcing provider?

Gallery: The $330 IPCop/Copfilter firewall 25 watt appliance (right) George Ou: The $330 IPCop/Copfilter firewall 25 watt appliance

Garett Rogers: Gmail task list feature spotted in the wild. GrandCentral suffers major outage

Matthew Miller: MWC08: Share on Ovi launches as the first Ovi service by Nokia

Roland Piquepaille: Robotic rats will get a sense of touch

Ed Gottsman: Wikinomics 4: the prosumers

Steve O'Hear: With friends like these... how can Seesmic fail?

Blogger battle royale: Michael Arrington vs. Fred Wilson

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