News to know: IBM's fear free enterprise; Everex Google PC; Vista security

Notable headlines:Dan Farber: Everex delivers $198 err $199 Google-friendly PC.IBM touts enterprises free of fear and $1.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Dan Farber: Everex delivers $198 err $199 Google-friendly PC.

IBM touts enterprises free of fear and $1.5 billion security spend.

Ed Bott: One year later, Vista really is more secure.

AP: Cisco Announces $16B China Expansion

Ryan Naraine: Macrovision patches patch-delivery tool, leaves DRM zero-day wide open.

Dennis Howlett: Why should investors dictate at BEA?

Dan Farber: Yahoo on OpenSocial: Socialization standards are good for all. Who will get on board Google's OpenSocial train? OpenSocial: Developers speak out. OpenSocial opens new can of worms. Techmeme. Photos: Clean-tech start-ups swing for the fences (right).

David Berlind: Connect the Google dots: In war on spam, GMail's IMAP support hints at 'auto-unsubscribe' standard.

Dana Blankenhorn: Wordpress all grown up, wins best CMS. Will GNOME split give Microsoft Open XML standards win?

Paula Rooney: Former Red Hat exec leaves Zmanda after short stint, brain drain at Red Hat continues. Robin Harris: Are Chinese disk drives flaky?

Heather Clancy: IBM silicon rejects reborn in solar panels.

Michael Krigsman: Google FeedBurner is down: SaaS isn't mission-critical ready.

Roland Piquepaille: Repelling bullets with nanotube armors.

Photos: Damage throws wrench into spacewalk (right).

Ryan Naraine: Apple plugs holes in Xcode. David Morgenstern: Transparency returns with a vengeance in Mac OS X Leopard. Jason O'Grady: Apple's boogeyman: Google phone.

TidBits: Apple to allow Leopard virtualization. Christopher Dawson: Linux Classmate update. Dead hardware I can sink my teeth into.

Samsung buys Israeli chip design firm.

Matthew Miller: The Samsung i780 may be the first 320x320 Windows Mobile touch-screen device. The Palm Centro; at $99.99 it really isn't a tough choice. Larry Dignan: How

the iPhone changed Verizon Wireless.

Images: Comet bursts into view (right).

Joe McKendrick: Are 'Guerrilla SOA' and Web 2.0 one in the same? George Ou: Microsoft Unified Communications shuns G.722 wideband interoperability.

Larry Dignan: Dell's consumer PC disaster.

Computerworld: What went wrong with the mobile Web?

Make Cisco $1 billion and win a job. Symantec: Virtualization can ease data center woes.

Intel's Montvale Itanium chip arrives.

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