News to know: Oracle; craigslist; Yelp; Psystar; Android; Palm; HTC

Oracle's plans for Sun, a question of whether Psystar is out of business and thoughts on Google's Android market are today's leading headlines
Written by Sam Diaz, Inactive

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Larry Dignan: Oracle lays out its vision for Sun: Will it work?

Tom Foremski: Analysis: Is GOOG gunning for Craigslist?

Sam Diaz: Is the fat lady singing? Psystar calls it quits - or does it?

Garett Rogers: How Google could turn the Android Market into something huge

Sam Diaz: PALM closes week with Wall Street beating; focus shifts to CES

Dan Kusnetzky: HTC customer support via twitter

Doug Hanchard: Google loses book copyright case in France

Jason D. O'Grady: Top 20 posts of the year - Nos. 11-20

janice Chen: CIPA announces new camera and photography show in Japan

Dana Blankenhorn: Swine flu was the topic of the year for 2009

Zack Whittaker: 2009: It's been all about the iGeneration

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft delays Visual Studio 2010 launch due to virtual memory performance issues

Phil Wainewright: The battle for your email in 2009

Sam Diaz: Verizon prepares for iPhone? Don't believe the headlines

Doug Hanchard: Copenhagen: It's all about trade, not global warming, and China is the target

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft begins testing new tech support forum staffed by paid 'independent experts'

Matthew Miller: MobileTechRoundup show #193, Ending the year with Google

Dana Gardner: Careful advance planning averts costly snafus in data center migration projects

Jono Bacon: Unchaining the opportunistic programmer

Larry Dignan: Twitter, security and business app integration

Chris Jablonski: An LCD screen with multitouch and off-screen gestural control

Andrew Nusca: Ultimate Ears 700 earphones pack powerfully accurate sound in dime-sized package [review]

Harry Fuller: GM's Saab story and other car tales

Sean Portnoy: Final pre-Christmas HDTV deals from Best Buy, Sears, and Target: How good are they?

Harry Fuller: Cars, crooks, money and hackers--2009 was a rich year indeed

Robin Harris: Are you ready for 4k sector drives?

Larry Dignan: Reality check: Rackspace's cloud goes down; A few blog sites notice

Paul Murphy: The year that was

Heather Clancy: Dell, Goodwill help make more room for the new stuff

Janice Chen: Year in Review: DSLRs and compact megazooms popular in 2009

Harry Fuller: Copenhagen after hours: we have a deal

Forrester: Innovation Matters More Than EU's Acceptance Of Microsoft Browser Menu

Christopher Dawson: Will Shuttleworth's move affect Edubuntu?

Heather Clancy: Paperless office will move out of the realm of pulp fiction in 2010

Michael Krigsman: Modern SOA governance: Adoption and measurement

Heather Clancy: Creme de la GreenTech: My 10 most-read green IT posts this year

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Firefox 3.6 rev 5 is out

Jason Perlow: Frugal Friday: Corvettes, SFLC GPL Lawsuit, Apple Thought Police, FaceBook Privacy, Astak EZReader

Dana Blankenhorn: The boys from Brazil came by in 2009

Rachel King: Year in Review: 10 most popular camera and camcorder posts of 2009

Rachel King: Holiday Gift Ideas: Five last-minute gadget stocking stuffers

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Why the EU's "browser ballot" is a bad idea

Larry Dignan: A dispatch from Antarctica

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