News to know: Patch fiesta; Boot Camp; Apache calls out Sun; Slow hard disks

Notable headlines: Clock is ticking on Apple's Boot Camp beta.Ryan Naraine: Microsoft Patch Tuesday: Vista dinged again.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines: 

Clock is ticking on Apple's Boot Camp beta.
Ryan Naraine: Microsoft Patch Tuesday: Vista dinged again. New Word 2007 flaws, exploits released.

Oracle patches to fix 37 flaws.

Review: Nokia N95. Gallery (left).

Mary Jo Foley: Parting shots from parting Microsoftie. Larry Dignan: Microsoft naysayer bandwagon gets crowded.

Ryan Stewart:How Adobe can overcome the issues around open sourcing the Flash Player.
Ed Burnette: Sun mulls Apache’s “Dear Jonathan” letter.

Data on 2.9 million Georgians goes missing.
Web Worker Daily:
Gmail: Not Behind, Just Going in a Different Direction.
Russell Shaw: 36 Hours Of Standby BlackBerry battery time? Yea, right.

Game developers adapt to multicore world.

Vista: Whatever happened to fast boot? SQL Serve

r 'Katmai' testing to begin in June. Gallery: Windows splash screens (right).
Larry Dignan: Viacom shacks up with Yahoo. Paidcontent.org on the deal. Donna Bogatin on Google's risk.

Citigroup likely to consolidate IT, back office ops.

Robin Harris
: Hard disks 'do' get slower with use.
Donna Bogatin: Google aims to usurp campus e-mail systems.
GigaOm: MuniFi: Build it and they still don’t come?

: Top 10 Firefox extensions to avoid.

Roland Piquepaille: Imaging the center of the Earth. Gallery: Emerging tech's greatest hits (left).
Wired: Blogging in a Land Where the Press Isn't Free.
Analyst: Corel's DRM patch only a bandage.
Matthew Miller: Palm developing its own Linux operating system, not the ALP. Techmeme discussion.
No end in sight to hacking of 'WoW' accounts.

iRobot's New Bots Clean Your Pool, Bring You Mai Tais.
Gallery: Hybrids that give back to the grid (right).

Dan Kusnetzky: ClearCube's approach to getting there virtually.
Steve O'Hear: Interview: SplashCast's Marshall Kirkpatrick.

eWeek: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5:
Some Assembly Required.
AP: Pixar Backdating Could Cost Disney.

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