News to know: Zero day flaws; SQL vs Oracle; SAP's big launch; Altair 8800

Notable headlines:Ryan Naraine: Zero-day flaws surface in AOL, Yahoo IM products.Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft offers Oracle defectors up to 50 percent off SQL Server.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Ryan Naraine: Zero-day flaws surface in AOL, Yahoo IM products.

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft offers Oracle defectors up to 50 percent off SQL Server. Oracle's quarte

r to reveal enterprise software health.

Photos: Cracking open the 1974 Altair 8800.

Larry Dignan: SAP rolls out Business ByDesign. All SAP posts. Phil Wainewright: SAP gets SaaS: can it run with it?

NBC.com to offer free ad-supported show downloads. Techmeme.

Dana Blankenhorn: The unintended consequences of automation.

Surveillance State: A game of cat and mouse: The iPhone, Steve Jobs and an army of blind hackers.

Heather Clancy: Pillar: No tradeoff to invest in green storage.

Ed Burnette: NetBeans vs. Eclipse, this time with attitude.

Digg: Profiles launch.

Richard Stiennon: Cyber crime is *not* bigger than illegal drug trade.

Russell Shaw: Gizmo for Mobile BlackBerry version is now available.

AP: Palm Expects 1Q Profit Drop.

Oxford University Press wins oldest HP-UX prize.

Missouri State, IBM launch IT serv

ices degree.

John Spooner: Intel wants you to put the Internet in your pocket. Gallery: More than chips at IDF. Roland Piquepaille: Faster memories made of nanowires.

Sony delays PS3 'Home,' but no talk of price cuts.

In the "it's the end of the world as we know it" department,  Americans giving up friends, sex for Web life.

iSuppli: Costs drop for iPod Nano parts. David Berlind: SCO, it was good to know ya... you coulda been so much more. Steve O'Hear: Digg gets more social and advertiser-friendly. Techmeme.

Dell to open retail store in Moscow.

Review: RIM Blackberry 8820.

Search Engine Land: Google uses outdoor billboards to promote Goog411. Dana Blankenhorn: Will Mozilla fill Open Office product holes? Russell Shaw: Here's a peek at some of Skype's feature development priorities.

Jason O'Grady: Apple announces T-Mobile as German iPhone Carrier. Apple statement. Apple to nearly double iPhone production.

Google: Google AdWords Introduces Google Gadget Ads, a New Interactive Ad Format .

Cisco outlines next Web revolution.

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