Next-gen AMD Radeon GPU powers six 30" displays

I'll warn you in advance that if you are a gamer then you'll find this awesome. A single GPU driving six 30" screens!
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Contributing Writer

I'll warn you in advance that if you are a gamer then you'll find this awesome.

By combining next-generation GPUs and an array of compact DisplayPort connectors, AMD has come up with a new feature called Eyefinity where a single GPU is capable of driving six monitors. And these aren't tiny monitors, they're monster 30" Dell monitors, each running at a whopping 2560x1600 resolution. That's a total image resolution of 7,680 x 3,200 pixels, or over 24 megapixels!

Now you might be thinking that this is great and all, but any games that you'll want to play will need to be modified to take advantage of the multiple monitors, which means that it'll never take off. Not so! You can right now play existing games such as Dead Space, Left 4 Dead, World of Warcraft and DiRT 2 on the setup ... all you need is the wall space for the screens! And if wall space (and cash!) is limited, you could always use three monitors instead!

The folks over at The Tech Report have some stunning images of games running across six screens and I have to say that they look awesome.

And this isn't all "pie in the sky" thinking either. AMD has been working with Samsung to bring out monitors with narrow bezels. This means that you could have a more modest version of this setup running on your desk! Even with three regular 22" panels, this could give you an amazing gaming experience for a lot less than the cost of the top-end CPU.

Suddenly, gaming on the PC feels relevant again ...

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