Next iPhone may be coming in September and I am going back to iOS

It has been a couple of years since I had an iPhone, but with iOS 5 coming and my experiences with other platforms I think it is time to get back to owning an iPhone.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

We know that a new Apple iPhone will be launched sometime before the holiday season and according to Boy Genius Report indications are that it will come in the first half of September. I never bought the iPhone 4, but given that I enjoy using Android on my HTC Flyer, I love my iPad 2, and I really like what I see in iOS 5 the probability of me getting this next generation iPhone is about 98%.

We still have no details on what the next iPhone specifications are although we have seen a ton of unsubstantiated rumors. It is almost a given it will have a faster processor and better camera and we know for sure it will run iOS 5 and these alone are enough for me to purchase one. I do enjoy Windows Phone 7, especially with the Mango update and will keep one of these devices in my collection. While I also like Android on a phone, I am tired of lame battery life, performance slow down with lots of installed apps and widgets, and inconsistent interfaces. I also like my BlackBerry PlayBook and was thinking of a new BlackBerry 9900, but I need better Exchange support and doubt I will actually go that route. HP can't seem to get around to releasing the Pre 3 and I don't have much confidence in a long term future of webOS smartphones so I am not likely to pick one up.

We all have different smartphone needs and desires and it looks like it is time for me to try out an iOS smartphone again after making my rounds of other platforms over the past year. Are you looking to get the next iPhone?

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