Nine out of ten women are social "Likers" when interacting with brands online

Social marketers who are looking for a sure fire way to engage with women purchasers should bring mobile optimisation into the marketing mix.
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

New York based B2C product discovery site Influenster knows how women interact online with brands . The company pairs up with brands to provide free samples to influential product testers who write reviews.

The company recently conducted a survey of 11,111 women of average age 27 across the US. It wanted to find out how they interact with brands digitally -- on brand websites, apps and social media accounts.

The survey surfaced some interesting results. It found that 94 percent of women engage actively with brands online and 31 percent of them interact with brands digitally on a daily basis. Almost all respondents interacted on more than two social media channels.

90 percent of women engage with brands online via their mobile phones versus 53 percent on their laptops.

Women tend to prefer photo posts with 93 percent preferring photo posts to video posts (58 percent) or gif posts (27 percent) across social media. Interestingly women classified their interaction with brands by a simple 'Like'.

95 percent said that they interacted with brands on social media by "Liking" posts. 61 percent of women actually wrote comments on posts.

Surprisingly, 67 percent of women said that they "somewhat" to "strongly" liked brands' promoted posts.

They felt that promoted posts taught them new things about the brand.

However five percent of women somewhat or strongly disliked promoted posts finding them 'spammy'.

Brand apps are visited more than the brand's website or social media account.

83 percent of women respondents said that the app was more easily accessible than the brand's website.

Instagram is considered the favourite social platform to engage with. 81 percent of respondents choose Instagram over Facebook (79 percent) and Pinterest (56 percent).

Brands publishing on Google + struggled to engage respondents with only 16 percent of women choosing the platform.

This survey has strong indications for marketers who want to target women purchasers across B2C markets such as beauty, clothing and personal care.

They need to ensure that mobile optimization is pushed to the top of their 'to-do' checklists in order to take advantage of the strong regular interaction from women.

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