Weelytics lets you track all of your users' website actions with no coding required

Using Weelytics to automatically track and identify the people that use your website, you'll be able to discover what brings your most valuable customers to your site, and help them to convert.
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor
Weelytics lets you track all of your user's website actions with no coding required ZDNet

Online stores and businesses have a hard time tracking what their customers are doing. This lack of knowledge about customer activity can result in thousands of dollars lost in the sales pipeline.

However, with the new Software-as-a-Service Weelytics tool, start-ups and other online business owners can now track what their website's visitors are doing

Weelytics allows website owners to browse their own site the same way a customer and would and click on areas they would like to track.

Those tags are then automatically imported into whatever analytics tool they're already using.

There is no coding required to get the analytics you want.

You can then identify any gaps and make changes to your campaign on the fly.

Weelytics works with Google Analytics, KISSmetrics and Segment.io integration.

The company has recently announced full integration for a third analytics tool, mixpanel.

There is a range of packages on offer, starting with a free option and working up to an Enterprise option that can be customized for the individual needs of each customer.

Weelytics envisions its tool as being perfect for things like marketing campaigns, which often need to be launched rapidly in order to be effective.

Businesses often have little time to wait for an IT team to come in and code tracking links.

The company hopes that the Weelytics tool will make analytics tracking easier with its "tag and track" technology and customer support offering.

Website owners need to navigate through their website like any other visitor and select which elements to track. New tags then automatically appear in your Analytics tool dashboard.

The company says it is committed to providing the "simplest way to track visitor insights and interactions with your website".

Weelytics founder Mohamed Lassoued said: "We are committed to one single thing: making our customer's lives easier. We will always improve and grow together".

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