​Nine suppliers added to Australian govt cloud services panel

Nine new suppliers including Dimension Data and iiNet have joined companies such as Microsoft and IBM on the Australian government's cloud services panel.

Dimension Data Australia and iiNet are among nine new suppliers that have been added to the Australian government's cloud services panel.

The new whole-of-government cloud services panel was unveiled last week under the Abbott government's digital strategy. The Department of Finance went to tender in September last year for a whole-of-government cloud services panel to provide software, platform, and infrastructure as a service to the government.

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Department of Finance assistant secretary Mundi Tomlinson said the nine new suppliers will be in addition to the 49 companies that were added to the panel when it was first unveiled.

Microsoft, Datacom, IBM, and Macquarie Telecom were among some of the first companies included on the panel.

Under the government's revised cloud policy released in October, government agencies must adopt cloud where it is fit for purpose, provides adequate protection of data, and delivers value for money.

John Sheridan, Australian government chief technology officer, previously told ZDNet the plan for the panel is that once a supplier is accepted for a particular category, the supplier will be able to add further services in that category through the services catalogue without a tender evaluation. Additional categories are also expected to be added at refresh points during the life of the panel.

"Eventually, we envisage this being a largely self-service facility with only a final approval step by finance," he said.

The full list of companies added to the list are Dimension Data, Emantra, Envisian, Hypernode, iiNet, Infront Systems, RXP Services, SMS Consulting, and Cloud Solutions.