No pre-ordered iPhone 4 for me

After many attempts I thought I had made the cut and been able to pre-order my iPhone 4. Unfortunately, I was wrong.
Written by Joel Evans, Contributor

I wrote yesterday about the effort I went to in order to pre-order an iPhone 4. The day ended with me placing my order via the iPhone's Safari browser. At the time, I had received a message in the browser stating that it had been reserved and confirmed. Unfortunately, even as of this writing, I have yet to receive an e-mail confirmation. In addition, I attempted to order one straight out this morning and I still qualified for the discount.

The above leads me to believe that my pre-order never made the cut. I plan on talking with Apple about it, but each time I call I have a long wait in a queue. In the end they probably won't do a thing for me, but it's at least worth a try.

The whole experience has definitely left a bad taste in my mouth, though. I tend to get caught up in the hype, and the idea of receiving it on launch day was exciting. Now the thought of waiting in line is dampening my enthusiasm, not to mention that my 3GS is working great and will soon run iOS4.

Perhaps I'll join my co-author Matt Miller and not purchase one?

In the end I'll be standing in line, I'm sure. And I bet Matt will be, too.

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