Nokia launches smart city platform, services, IoT management tools

At Mobile World Congress, Nokia will highlight its efforts to better target smart cities and enable various services.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Nokia launched a set of services and technologies to manage a smart city's video surveillance, network, Internet of things sensors, parking and environment.

The effort by Nokia revolves around creating a framework and platform to knit together various services. Technology vendors such as Cisco, Huawei, Verizon and others are all targeting smart city management. IDC estimates that smart cities will spend $135 billion on technology by 2021.

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For Nokia, the moving parts include the following:

  • IoT for Smart Cities, which is a modular integrated framework to unify smart city management consoles and scale up services. Nokia is arguing that its Integrated Operations Center can orchestrate a city's technology and drive revenue as well as save costs.
  • Sensing as a Service, which offers analytics and data services for IoT networks. Sensing as a Service could spot everything from illegal construction to environmental changes. The effort uses blockchain to enable smart contracts.
  • S-MVNO (secure mobile virtual network operator) for Public Safety enables cities to offer broadband services to public safety agencies.

Nokia is showing off its smart city wares at Mobile World Congress, which kicks off Sunday.

The company is best known for its devices, but is also a key network infrastructure provider along with Ericssson. Nokia, like other players in the telecom equipment food chain, are betting that developments ranging from smart cities to 5G to IoT will drive revenue in the years ahead.

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