Nokia Music+ comes to Windows 8 and RT, just $3.99 per month

Nokia Music+ is a fantastic, low-cost music subscription service previously limited to Nokia Lumia smartphones. You can now experience it on Windows 8 and RT.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

I am rocking out with Nokia Music+ on my Lumia 920, and now, Nokia has Nokia Music+ for Windows 8 and RT. Since I also roll with a Surface Pro, I can't wait to install and test this out as my new mobile music service.

Nokia Music+ comes to Windows 8 and RT, just $3.99 per month
Image: Nokia

Nokia stated that the Windows 8 version of Nokia Music+ features:

  • A 7 day trial of NM+: With an in-app upgrade path (30 second clip mixes outside of the trial period)
  • 100's of curated mixes from Nokia experts and international artists
  • Listen to all the MP3's in your "My Music" library via the app
  • Mix recommendations based on the music playing, for both mixes and your own collection
  • Artist mix: See up to three artists, and the app will create a playlist based on your choices
  • Offline mix: Save as many mixes as you can carry for offline playback
  • Search for mixes containing your favorite artist
  • Artist pages: Complete with high quality artist images, biographies, tweets, gig info (including Here mapping), related artists, and more
  • Snap View: Minimise Nokia Music on your home screen, but still access music controls
  • Play To: Stream music to DLNA devices on your wireless network.

As you can see, the only way to enjoy Nokia Music on Windows is to be a Music+ subscriber. The fee is only $3/month, which is much less than any other music subscription service. It's interesting that Nokia is making this available for non-Nokia devices since you still need a Nokia Lumia smartphone to use the service on a phone.

Nokia Music for Windows 8 is available now from the Windows 8 Store in the UK, US, Ireland, and Australia, and will be rolling out to all counties with Nokia Music+ in the coming weeks. If you are already a Music+ subscriber, then you can just sign in with your same credentials to enjoy the service on your Windows 8 or RT device.

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