Nokia "working on" tablet; expect Windows 8 support

Nokia's design chief says the smartphone giant is "working on" a tablet. Knowing Nokia, it will likely be a Windows 8 powered device.
Written by Zack Whittaker, Contributor

Nokia is expected to bring out a Windows 8 powered tablet later this year, corroborating earlier reports that the phone giant would release a tablet this year.

Nokia's design chief Marko Ahtisaari was quoted as saying: "We're working on it," in response to questions over the company's plans to develop a slate-like device for the consumer and business market, reports Reuters.

Earlier this week, Digitimes said it expects a 10-inch Windows 8-based tablet by the fourth-quarter at the latest, according to sources upstream in the manufacturing process. The device would be 'WoA', or "Windows on ARM", giving the device a competitive edge in the already well-established tablet market.

Most other notebook makers like Dell and HP have already announced their efforts to support Windows 8 on laptops and tablets.

But the move was not unexpected, as Microsoft and Nokia continue to do --- quite frankly, terribly --- in the smartphone space as part of its Nokia hardware and Windows Phone 7 plan.

The partnership was seen as Nokia's gasping for air as it slowly sunk, as the iPhone and Android market slowly gobbles up what is left of Nokia's once strong market share. It just goes to show that while Nokia is not dead yet, looking back at how the company has done in the Windows-powered smartphones space already, one is keen to add emphasis on the word: "yet".

A Nokia spokesperson noted the company "continues to eye" the tablet market, but had no news on announcements at the time.

Image source: Microsoft/CNET.


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