Nomad bands for Apple Watch Series 6: High quality, attractive elastomer, leather, and metal options

The Apple Watch Series 6 was recently released and there are plenty of band options available directly from Apple. Nomad offers affordable elastomer, Horween leather, and titanium bands that are extremely well constructed and attractive.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

The Apple Watch Series 6 is arguably the best smartwatch available today. After years of Apple Watch releases it is clear that people enjoy changing bands to match their mood, style, and activity and thankfully Apple keeps using the same attachment design so you can build up a vast collection of watch bands.

Apple offers silicone bands, fabric bands, leather, and stainless steel options. The sport bands are $49, leather bands run from $99 to $539, and the stainless steel link bracelet is priced at $449. Apple's bands are high quality products, but there are more affordable options available from third parties.

Nomad offers a range of band options with fluro-elastomer, Horween leather, and titanium materials. Prices range from $49.95 to $199.95, making the Nomad bands more affordable than comparable Apple-branded bands.

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Nomad Rugged Strap

When I buy an Apple Watch, my default option is to purchase a watch with the simple sport band included. By itself, this is a $49 band and the material has a nice feel to it. However, I'm not a fan of the securing mechanism on the sport band so prefer to use something else for running and other excercises.

Nomad offers the Rugged Strap in black or silver. Since I recently purchased a PRODUCT(RED) Apple Watch Series 6, Nomad sent along a black strap for me to test out. The black Rugged Strap with the red aluminum watch case looks fantastic and is a good match for us Kylo Ren fans.

It is priced at $49.95 and is available in two sizes 40/38mm and 44/42mm. It also works with all Apple Watch Series.

The Rugged Strap is constructed of high quality flexible FKM (fluro-elastomer) material that is pre-curved just a bit so it lies nicely on your wrist right out of the box. The lugs and buckle are made with 316L stainless steel material so you never have to worry about these elements on the watch band.

The top of the strap have lines across the width and underneath you will find widely spaced notches in the band. These notches allow the band to fit to your wrist and also provide areas for sweat to run free from under the band.

Two loops are provided to secure the bitter end of the strap, with one fit into a notch near the buckle and the other sliding along the strap for optimal placement. The strap stays securely in place and feels like it could survive longer than an Apple Watch could in severe conditions.

Nomad Apple Watch 6 straps hands-on: in pictures

Nomad Modern Strap

The Modern Strap is available for just $69.95 and is one of the most affordable high-quality leather straps you will find for the Apple Watch. The strap is constructed of Horween leather, providing a comfortable smooth surface that will develop a patina over time as you wear it around.

Stainless steel hardware is used on the buckle and lugs, with black or silver options. Two loops are provided to secure the bitter end of the band, one secured into the band and the other sliding to fit the band that adjusts to your wrist size.

This watch band has a simple, classic style and looks great with the red Apple Watch 6. The Horween leather material has ample thickness and is sure to last for years.

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Nomad Titanium Band

Since the very first Apple Watch I have only had silicone, fabric, or leather bands because the metal ones from Apple are too expensive, even more than the watch itself in some cases. The Apple space black link bracelet band is priced at $449.

Nomad's Titanium Band is available for $199.95, which is a much more justifiable price for a high quality metal watch band. The Titanium Band is available in black or silver. With my red Apple Watch 6 I tested out the black variation.

The Titanium Band is designed with more than 20 titanium links with the tool inside the case to help you add or remove links for the perfect fit. I had to remove a couple of links from the band that came in the box to fit my wrist and the process was quite easy. You can actually remove up to ten links to fit your wrist, if needed.

A DLC (diamond-like coating) is present on the watch band to provide a scratch-resistant finish. Even though the band is metal, it is surprisingly light and comfortable even if you want to wear your new Apple Watch Series 6 to sleep at night to track your sleep and blood oxygen levels.

The closure link is barely longer than one of the links and works seamlessly to hold the ends securely on your wrist.

Installing and removing the band is done by releasing the pins on the Apple Watch and then sliding both ends of the band down into the watch openings. I tried doing one at a time, but the band bound up so installing and removing both ends at once is the best method.

I enjoyed my time with all three bands and switched to using the rugged strap for exercise and the Titanium Band for work. The Modern Strap is a great daily watch band as well with extremely comfortable leather material. Nomad did a wonderful job with the design and construction of these bands. They are affordable and well worth the money.

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