Nomad rugged leather cases: Trio protects your new Apple iPhone 11 Pro in style

Nomad has become my favorite iPhone case brand with awesome leather that ages with character, solid protection from typical drops, and reasonable prices.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

With the release of the new Apple iPhone 11 Pro, Nomad comes out of the gates with a bevy of case options from $49.95 to $79.95. I've tried out three new cases with my new midnight green iPhone 11 Pro, including the brand new Active Rugged Case.

The iPhone 11 Pro, reviewing coming here next week, is Apple's latest 5.8 inch phone with stainless steel frame, IP68 dust and water resistance, and a heftier battery. It's a gorgeous device with three rear cameras, but it is also priced at more than $1,000 so it is prudent to buy a case to help protect it from daily usage.

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Active Rugged Case

The new Active Rugged Case, $49.95, is designed like Nomad's standard Rugged Case, but with an outer layer of Heinen leather from Germany. This water-resistant leather is created through a tanning process that produces hydrophobic leather and repels water. The leather has a matte finish that also helps keep the iPhone from slipping off of a table.

This is not a case that will keep your phone from getting wet, like a Life Proof or OtterBox, but is designed for use when you might get splashed, get your phone a bit wet when running, or go on other outdoor adventures in the elements. The case will help protect your phone and the leather won't get ruined. It's perfect for a Washingtonian like me.

The polycarbonate body and TPU bumper help the case to satisfy the MIL-SPEC drop standard of six feet. The interior of the Nomad Active Rugged case is lined with soft gray material, looks like wool, with the Nomad branding on the inside. The iPhone 11 Pro snaps securely into the polycarbonate core frame and ensures the case will not fall off the iPhone. There are ample openings for the triple rear cameras, flash, Lightning port, speaker, and mics.

The right side button and volume buttons have subtle raised areas for activation, but they also have some texture to help make it easier to find them with your fingers. There are two lanyard openings, lanyard not included, in the bottom near the corners so you can secure your iPhone during your adventures.

The frame wraps around all four sides and protrudes just a bit above the display so that your screen is protected when you set your phone down on a table. I was able to use wireless chargers with no issues.

The Nomad Active Rugged Case is available now for $49.95 for the iPhone 11 Pro in either Black or Mocha colors. Unlike the Horween leather cases, this water-resistant leather is not designed for extensive patina over time.

Nomad rugged leather cases for iPhone 11 Pro: in pictures

Rugged Case

The Rugged Case, also priced at $49.95 with Black and Rustic Brown color options, is the standard case we see from Nomad with each new phone release. The same interior design with TPU bumper and polycarbonate body appear as we saw on the Active Rugged Case, but this one uses Horween leather from Chicago for the back material.

The Rugged Case adds very little thickness to the sides (1.85 mm) and back (2.75 mm) while providing six feet drop protection. Dual lanyard attachment points are also provided, which is something we did not see from Nomad in the past.

The Horween leather on the back has a shinier finish than the Active Rugged Case, but still looks great. I tried out the Black leather one and love using it to protect my iPhone in style.

Rugged Folio Case

Using your phone case to store the cards we still can't make electronic is a very popular case option for the masses. I see folio style cases on my commuter train daily with transit passes and company door access keys positioned in the case.

The new iPhone 11 Pro Rugged Folio is also available in Black and Rustic Brown colors with Horween leather on the back and the front of the case. There are three card slots and a cash slot on the inside flap of this case with a rated capacity for six cards. I was able to carry two credit cards, my ORCA transit card, my building access key, and a $20 bill with ease.

The front flap is a bit smaller than the back so that the front rest right on the edge of the TPU side bumpers of the back piece. This case also offers six feet drop protection, two lanyard attachment points, and wonderful Horween leather.

The Rugged Folio is availble for $69.95 and is a gorgeous case that is sure to protect your iPhone for years.

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