Nook for Android turns your Google smartphone into an ebook reader

A client I have been patiently waiting for is finally here and I can now take all of my Barnes & Noble content with me on my Google Android smartphones. Nook for Android is available now for free.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Software continues to enhance my mobile life and today I am extremely pleased to learn that all of my great Barnes & Noble Nook content can be downloaded and read on my Google Android devices. Nook for Android is available now in the Android Market for free and gives you full access to your Barnes & Noble ebook content with the added support of the LendMe loan feature. I immediately installed it on my new Samsung Vibrant and found it to be an excellent and fairly full featured ebook reader.


After signing into your account you will see ebooks in your library appear and you just need to tap download to get the books onto your Android device. You can read a summary of the book by pressing the i icon and press the menu button to manage how the books are sorted, filter titles, manage the page turn (animated or sliding), sync your bookmarks across the B&N network, shop for books, or view your account. The animated page turning is fantastic and supports page turns like a real book with differing levels of movement turning the page differently. When you go to shop for titles you are taken to the web browser to view the online store.

After opening up an ebook, you have menu options for font sizes (5 to choose from), font types (8 to choose from), go to a place in the book, view book details, sync your reading location and bookmarks, control the orientation, and go back to your library. Also, tapping on the center of the page brings up a bottom scroll bar to quickly move through the book. So far, I am really liking the client and like the font customization and sliding animation options.

You will also soon see a rebranding of the B&N eReader client found on the iPhone, iPad, etc. where these mobile clients will be known as Nook for xxx. This makes sense as Barnes & Noble tries to have a consistency across the ebook reading experience.

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