Notebook makers face parts shortage

Tight supply of LCD panels, batteries, hard drives, casings and optical disc drives could get worse in the third quarter, DRAMeXchange says.
Written by ZDNET Editors, Contributor

Laptop makers are facing a components shortage that could get worse this quarter, chip price tracker and electronics market researcher DRAMeXchange said Tuesday. DRAMeXchange said notebook makers began to experience tight supply of LCD (liquid crystal display) panels, batteries, hard disk drives, casings and optical disc drives last quarter.

"The situation could grow more serious in 3Q07, as quarterly shipments are expected to exceed 25.6 million, a quarter-on-quarter increase of 14.4 percent," DRAMeXchange said. "Overall, tier-two notebook brands will suffer a more serious impact. They will face both rising costs and lower-than-planned shipment volume due to insufficient quantity of components."

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