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Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

No worries guv'nor, its all in me ed...

Diamond has expanded its SupraExpress modem range with the addition of the SupraExpress 56e Memory modem. Diamond is very proud of the fact that its latest modem can store fax and voice messages when your PC is switched off. It can take up to 40 pages of fax documents or 15 30-second voice messages.

Later this month you'll be able to get hold of 2MB memory boards to increase its capacity to 6MB. In the unlikely event of a power cut, the on-board FlashROM keeps all your messages safely tucked away. All this for the eminently reasonable sum of £99.99. Available now.

There's a stupidly simple Nuggets competition going on at the mo. Click here and you could win some fab gear for your PC

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