Nuggets: Agfa catches the iMac bug

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Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

Agfa's latest gadget is a USB scanner in iMac colours.

There seems to be no holding back the enthusiasm among vendors for those funky iMac colours. The latest company hoping to boost sales with a little creative flair is Agfa. Its latest USB scanner, the SnapScan 1212u, is housed in a choice of translucent blue or green, with its internal workings on full display. It offers true optical resolution of 600 x 1200 ppi and 36-bit colour depth. A whole array of software is bundled the scanner. Agfa FotoSnap automatically selects the best scan setting, iPhoto Express lets you muck about with the resulting images, Caere's OmniPage OCR scans and converts hard-copy text into an editable format and Visioneer PaperPort helps you send, file, copy and locate scanned documents. Priced at £129 the green model is out this month, the blue in May.

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