Nuggets: Big fat graphics from newlyweds

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Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

Gamer's dream is first baby...

Creative and NVIDIA got into bed together recently. The result of their consummation? The 3D Blaster RIVA TNT2 Ultra 32MB graphics card.

The card uses a massive 32MB of Synchronous Memory and a 300 MHz DAC. This gamer's dream is based on NVIDIA's new RIVA TNT2 Ultra processor and combines 128-bit architecture with TwiN-Texel dual 3D rendering. There's full 32-bit colour rendering, multiple textures up to 2048x2048, bump-mapping, full-screen anti-aliasing and stencil buffering.

Creative says the card supports software DVD decoders, has an S-Video connector to deliver NTSC and PAL signal to your TV (now that's handy), and a TV-out so you can use your wide screen TV as a monitor substitute.

It's available for £179 and Creative plans to chuck in a copy of Rage's Expendable.

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