Nuggets: Canon scanner adopts Japanese art form!

Canon's first USB scanner -- what's been keeping you chaps -- is the CanoScan FB620U.
Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

Based on its predecessor, the FB620P, it has an optical resolution of 600dpi and 36-bit colour depth -- which may sound impressive but really is pretty standard. Most companies bang on a bit about the beauty of their products' design, but Canon can't seem to control itself. The FB620U is 'based on the age-old Japanese arts-and-crafts forms of sakazuki and katana -- the Canon marketeers scream excitedly. I mean, come on, it's only a bleedin' scanner, if a very slim and lightweight (2Kg) one.

Canon has replaced the usual charge-coupled devices and optical reduction systems with its LED Indirect Exposure -- cutting down on costs and energy, apparently. The software package contains ScanGear Toolbox 2.0, Ulead's PhotoExpress 2.0 photo-editing software, Acrobat Reader and Caere's OmniPage LE 5.1 OCR software for converting documents into files such as Word and Excel.

Available now for £119 ex VAT.

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