Nuggets: CD writer is sooo fast!

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Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

Hot damn that thing writes real quick!

That rather dull hi-tech company Teac has just released an external model of its super fast CD-R drive, capable of copying, er writing CDs at speeds of up to 6x and reading at 24x.

Teac has christened the drive CD-R56SK, catchy eh? The CD-R56SK has data transfer rates of 900kB/sec (write) and 3600kB/sec (read) with a built in buffer of 2MB (that's plenty for data and audio). You can set the recording speed at 6x, 4x, 2x or 1x -- quick tip, do it slow at first to see how the drive copes with software.

Teac is throwing in the excellent Adaptec Easy CD Creator and Adaptec Direct CD software and the whole thing is yours for £299 +VAT.

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