Nuggets: Creative to the rescue

Hurrah, hurrah for Creative folk!
Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

Not everyone's got an AGP slot in their PC you know. However try telling that to card makers, whose latest and greatest graphics offerings give little heed to those of us with only a couple of humble PCI slots to our name.

Hooray then for Creative, which has just welcomed the Riva TNT2 Vanta PCI graphics card to its 3D Blaster family.

The card is based on Nvidia's RIVA TNT2 processor. OK, I know it's not as sexy as Nvidia's GeForce wonder chip, but us PCI-ers are grateful for whatever we can get.

It gives you 32-bit colour rendering, 24-bit/32-bit Z and stencil buffer, multiple textures and textures up to 2048x2048, bump-mapping and full screen anti-aliasing. It supports top resolutions and refresh rates with its 32MB of synchronous memory and peak fill rate of 220 million bi-linear, multi-textured pixels per second.

All that for just £79. In the shops now.

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