Nuggets: Easy CD Creator just got better

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Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

Copying comes of age...

The latest version of Easy CD Creator, Creator 4 Deluxe, is ready says Adaptec. Hooray! The main new feature is Take Two, an image-based recovery programme for backing up your hard disk to CDs.

Take Two supports compression, sector skipping and CD spanning. MP3 capabilities have been bumped up, unsurprisingly, allowing you to download, drag-and-drop and write authorised -- but of course... -- MP3 files to CDs. The software also lets you tweak tracks, adding special effects, transitions and custom spacing between songs. Adaptec has also added a Jewel Case Creator for making all your bootlegged CDs look as good as the originals. Also included is VideoWave II SE, for video editing, transitions, audio and special effects.

Available in autumn for £49 -- although as it seems to come bundled with most CD-RW drives, you probably won't be parting with any cash.

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