Nuggets: Epson gets printer fruity

Epson gets fruity (er... or should that be iMac'd?) with printers
Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

Epson's mania for printers knows no bounds, and its latest effort comes in a range of colours to match the charming iMac.

The Stylus Colour 760 Transparent Blue, which offers the dubious pleasure of viewing its innards, is the first in the range. This is the updated version of last year's Colour 740, but now it has a 1400dpi Micro Piezo colour printhead to hopefully give you lovelier results.

It prints at speeds of up to 7ppm (pages per minute) in black and white, and 6.8ppm in colour, and comes with Epson's Photo Enhance 4 software for touching up photos and the like.

The Stylus Colour 760 Transparent Blue is in the shops now for £149. The rest of the iMac colours are due any day.

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