Nuggets: Erm, we've fallen for a mouse...

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Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

I love this mouse

I've fallen in love with a mouse. Not just any old mouse -- the object of my affections is the WebRacer from Kensington (a suitable address for such an upmarket rodent).

Apparently this is the first mouse designed specially for Web jockeys, and while I don't consider myself svelte enough to mount one of the plastic geegees, I'll go along with the notion...

The mouse is a big, flat, black, ugly creature but is incredibly useful. Ranged along the top of the mouse are six buttons. Simply go to your favourite site, hold a button down for a couple of seconds and you've got a preset button to take you directly to the site in future. Another six keys give you access to common functions like stop, reload and print. A slightly less effective feature is the 4-way arrow that pulls up your bookmarks, a much slower and less effective way of getting into them. Another key causes a virtual keyboard to appear, though this is a pretty time consuming way of entering information.

There are four buttons on the side that you can customise to perform almost any function you want, such as double click, launching applications or entering frequently used text. If it wasn't for the fact that I was allergic to them, I could use the built in touchpad to do away with my usual mouse completely. As it is, I find it easier to use the two of them side by side. One word of warning however, software incompatibility problems mean you won't be able to use advanced features such as scrolling with your normal mouse. But who cares when you've got super-mouse.

You can buy it now, and I really suggest you do, for £49.99.

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