Nuggets: Faxing revolutions

Introducting the fax of the future
Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

There are few things more mind-numbingly dull than a fax machine. However nice and solidly reliable they are. "Good old fax machine," you often hear people muttering.

Well, what about adding a bit of glamour for the old-fashioned favourite? Philips has come up with two new "revolutionary" machines that do just that.

The Magic2Memo (£179) and the Magic2Vox (£199) are identical, apart from the Vox's 30-minute answering machine.

The "revolutionary" tag comes from the detachable fax reading head, which turns it into a handheld scanner for faxing The Bible, and stuff like that. Once you've hand-scanned away to your heart's content, it just slips back in and turns the machine back into a normal fax.

You can also send and receive email, using the concealed keyboard -- emails are printed out like a normal fax.

Philips reckons that it's one of the smallest fax machines around, and its vertically mounted paper feeders and in-trays keep it neat and tidy.

For a final fax-tastic touch, you can also access the Internet from either of the machines. What more could you ask of from a humble fax?

In the shops now.

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